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Online Training & Personalised Coaching

  • The contents and duration will be based on a 30-minute free Introductory Session, diagnostic tests and learner’s needs.
  • Each session will last for about an hour. However, depending on mutual convenience, there can be two or three sessions at a time with a 10-minute break between two sessions.
  • Sessions will start and finish on time.
  • Fee per session (of an hour) is Rs. 1,500/-.
  • To book your sessions, please make the payment in advance for a minimum of 5 sessions, or in multiples of 5. Here are the details of the bank for the payment of fee via bank transfer.
  • Fee once paid is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Indian Standard Time is 5 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Please feel free to contact us in case you need any further details.

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Personalised Coaching

It is sometimes more rewarding to study one-on-one under the supervision of a teacher. That is what we offer in our Personalised Coaching sessions.

Why personalised coaching?

Personalised coaching offered at Fluentlingua is unique. It is an ideal way to learn the maximum amount in the shortest possible time. Each session, online or in-person, is conducted by an experienced trainer who specialises in a particular field. We would be glad to design a course, exclusively for your language needs.

Why personalised coaching? Well, some language learners want to learn everything step by step. They want every doubt cleared before going ahead. They may already have a good grounding in the language and they want to brush up on their command of the language. For such learners, personalised attention and guidance are essential. The chief advantage of personalised coaching is that the learner can study at his or her own pace. Moreover, if the learner feels that he needs more guidance or practice in a particular area of language, he or she can get it. In sum, the learner can have a made-to-order course that saves their time and increases the efficiency of the whole language learning campaign.

Online personalised coaching is via Skype or other such free platforms. It saves your time since you can take a session sitting at your home. You can prepare before the session and make a list of what you want to learn. You can even send your queries in advance via email.

Do contact us for your language needs and we will see that you get value for your time and money.