• Inauguration of Fluentlingua Pal-Adajan Centre

    Dear well-wisher, Today on the occasion of Teachers’ Day allow us to share with you a piece of good news: the inauguration of our Fluentlingua Pal-Adajan Centre scheduled to take place on Ganesh Chaturthi Friday, 10 September, 2021. Why did we select this day? Well, Lord Ganesha is the god

  • H. M. Patel Memorial Lecture

    H. M. Patel Memorial Lecture on 27 August 2018 by Dr Dharmendra Sheth Founder, Fluentlingua, Surat on Becoming an effective English Language Teaching (ELT) Professional in Gujarat. If one keeps the international scene in mind, the knowledge of English is inevitable for intellectual growth and technological development. Along with the