The world is becoming more and more competitive and complex. The pandemic and the ensuing global economic situations haven’t spared anyone. However, the other side of it is equally true that it has given us opportunities for introspection, analysis, training and development. We need to be prepared for tougher times ahead. The modern workplace demands employees that possess a variety of skills and abilities. It is not possible for academic organisations to provide such skilled workforce. That’s where we pitch in. We enable your employees perform to your expectation. 

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce two specific programmes for your employees. 

  1. Effective Communication in English (ECE)
  2. Employee Effectiveness Programme (EEP) 

These programmes will help you to increase the efficiency and productivity of your staff. They will also enhance the goodwill of the company by effective human resource management, which is the key to your success.

1. Effective Communication in English (ECE)

In this programme, your employees will learn how to communicate in English in the workplace. The programme will cover all the major components of English such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. The programme will be interactive and activity oriented. Please look at the following details.

Duration: 24 hours
(Either 4 days, 6 hours a day OR 12 days, 2 hours a day)
Remuneration: 60,000/-

2. Employee Effectiveness Programme (EEP)

In this programme, your employees will be trained in overall social and professional skills so that their productivity increases.

Duration: 24 hours
(Either 4 days, 6 hours a day OR 12 days, 2 hours a day)
Remuneration: 60,000/-
Some of the topics covered in the programme are:

  • professional preparedness
  • skill building
  • stress management
  • time management
  • happiness at workplace
  • team work
  • positive attitude
  • healthy interaction

Participants: Maximum 25 

Faculty team: The sessions will be conducted by Dr Dharmendra Sheth and his highly qualified and experienced team. 

Transportation: The host company will need to make arrangements for travel, local transportation, board and lodging. 

Some other tentative programmes are given below.

Please note that the usual remuneration per hour is 2,500/- and the minimum length of any session is 2 hours.

No Title Tentative duration (hours)
1 Effective Communication in English (ECE) 24
2 Employee Effectiveness Programme (EEP) 12
3 Managerial Excellence 12
4 Leadership Empowerment 06
5 Time Management 06
6 Change Management 06
7 Transactional Analysis 06
8 Motivating Self and Others 06
9 Interpersonal Relationship Building 12
10 Conflict Management 06
11 Decision Making 06
12 Effective Presentation 06
13 Developing Creativity 06
14 Spirituality at Workplace 06
15 Six Sigma Training 12
16 Marketing and Sales Techniques 06
17 Interview Skills 06
18 Effective Public Speaking 12
19 Business Correspondence 12
20 Converting Stress to Strength 06
21 Effective Goal Setting 06
22 Understanding Hidden Potential SWOT 06
23 Developing a Positive Attitude 06
24 Assertiveness Skills 06
25 Telephone Techniques 06
26 Report Writing 12
27 Team Building 06
28 Negotiation Skills 06
29 Happiness at Work 06
30 Supervisory Development Programme 12


  • The contents and the duration of the programme will be finalised after discussing the needs.
  • The ideal number of participants in a batch is 25.
  • If the programme is to be conducted outside Surat, the host company will have to bear the costs of travel, board and lodging for our trainer/s.
  • The sessions will be conducted by highly qualified and experienced trainer/s.
  • Some of our satisfied clients are Essar Projects, Larsen and Toubro (L&T), NJ India Investments, Luthra Dyeing and Printing, Vodafone, Eliochem Industries, Narola Infotech, Casepoint India Pvt Ltd, Nirali Cancer Hospital, Adani Port, Essar Steel, Adani Power, DhiWise, Arihant International Courier Service, and so on.