A knock on the door

A Knock on the Door written and presented by Dharmendra Sheth A passage to listen and write and

Treasury of Joy

A passage from Norman Vincent Peale”s Treasury of

A spoken English advertisement

Listen to each word and write. Then try to reproduce it and record

Kahlil Gibran On Love

Kahlil Gibran On Love Presented by Dharmendra

English Basics Ch 2 DRS

To be or not to be

Here”s my first attempt at recording ””To be, or not to be””, the famous soliloquy by Prince Hamlet in William

The Great Dictator Speech by Dharmendra Sheth | Fluentlingua

The Great Dictator is a 1940 American political satire comedy-drama film written, directed, produced, scored by and starring British comedian Charlie

Dictation to improve listening and speaking

Task 1: Listen and write Task 2: Listen and speak Task 3: Listen and repeat as often as you

An orphan girl

A passage from “The Ice Monster” written by David Walliams and presented by Dharmendra

English Basics Ch 2

Vowels and example words

A walk in the morning

Reading aloud practice to improve your speech in