The best way to increase your word power is to learn English words for the things around

Things around us

This exercise will help you to improve your vocabulary, especially in terms of collocations, word

Collocations — Word Partners

Let's study some nuances of the English language so that you can improve your accuracy and

How are we different!

Paul Nation has very precisely explained what knowing a word

Knowing a word

When a verb is followed by another verb, the second verb takes a particular form for a particular meaning. Let's study what groups of verbs follow

Verb plus Verb Patterns

Vocabulary development is an integral part of language learning. It is crucial for fluency, accuracy and

Have a way with words

It is always interesting to know where and how words are formed in a language, what the roots of commonly known and used words are, and whether they

Word Origin — Etymology

Fluency, Accuracy and Appropriateness are goals of communication. This workshop will equip you to master

Fluency, Accuracy and Appropriateness — a workshop

Phrasal verbs can add value to your

70 Phrasal verbs

Let’s test our GK or General Knowledge with this interesting set of

GK General Knowledge Quiz

Check your level of

Diagnostic Test with Answers


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