The best way to increase your word power is to learn English words for the things around

Things around us

Collocation, word partnership, is an important feature of

Collocations — Word Partners

Nuances of the English language to improve your accuracy and

How are we different!

Knowing a word is owning a word. Paull Nation's

Knowing a word

When a verb is followed by another verb, the second verb takes a particular form for a particular meaning. Let's study what groups of verbs follow

Verb plus Verb Patterns

Vocabulary development is an integral part of language learning. It is crucial for fluency, accuracy and

Have a way with words

It is always interesting to know where and how words are formed in a language, what the roots of commonly known and used words are, and whether they

Word Origin — Etymology

Fluency, Accuracy and Appropriateness are goals of communication. This workshop will equip you to master

Fluency, Accuracy and Appropriateness — a workshop

Phrasal verbs can add value to your

70 Phrasal verbs

Let’s test our GK or General Knowledge with this interesting set of

GK General Knowledge Quiz

A diagnostic test to know where you stand in terms of

A Diagnostic Test with Answers

Everything in language learning is important; vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. This presentation stresses on accuracy, i.e., paying attention

English Matters