Success in today’s fast-paced and demanding environment depends on being organized, using time wisely, and simplifying chores. Don’t worry folks; I’ve got a few apps available to assist you and help you maximize your productivity and achieve your goals.

Some apps or programs can revolutionize the way you work and enable you to do more tasks in less time, whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who wants to get the most out of each day. Each app caters to various demands and working styles with its own special features and advantages.

Most of these applications are available for both IOS and Android users and provide a plethora of possibilities for you to explore. While these applications are initially free, some may offer enticing premium plans after a period.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the most effective apps that will change the way you work, and help you reach your objectives with ease.

1. JEFIT (Workout app)

This app is a thorough training program that provides a big activity library and individualized workout schedules. Strength training exercises, progress charts, and a helpful community are all included. Although the fundamental elements are free, a premium edition offers more advantages. JEFIT offers thousands of training regimens in addition to an exercise library with more than 1400 activities. JEFIT elevates your exercises with a built-in rest timer and an easy activity-tracking system.
Rating- 4.3/5

2. Canva (Editing app)

Create quickly! Graphic design, picture editing, and video editing all in one app. Canva is a creative powerhouse that allows you to create anything effortlessly, rapidly, and for free! You may use it to produce cards, Instagram stories, gift designs, or any other type of social media post for Holi or Ramadan. With their simple visualize and video editor, you may improve your photographs and videos. It’s simple, quick, and free to use.
Rating- 4.5/5

3. Time Tree (Scheduling app)

With the help of the collaborative scheduling tool TimeTree, you can collaborate and share calendars. For business, family, or any other group, you can make shared calendars and invite other people to join. Additionally, it has features like cross-device synchronization, event comments, and reminders. The problem of multiple bookings with family members can now be resolved.Check the calendar wherever you are, whenever you want!

4. (Task Management app)

This app combines functionality for task management and scheduling. You can make tasks, specify due dates, and plan your calendar with them. The software can connect with other devices and calendars and offers reminders as well. Simple agenda, to-do list, tasks, reminders, and checklists. is used by over 30M users to remain organized and complete more tasks.
Rating- 4.4/5

5. Microsoft Outlook (Email app)

The secure email client from Microsoft, and Outlook, keep you connected and safe. You can access your email, files, and calendar in one location, enabling you to stay productive regardless of what arrives in your inbox. Filters for everything and anti-spam software can help you organize your email in a smart way.A potent email and scheduling program with a feature-rich calendar. You can manage numerous events, schedule events, and create reminders. The software includes file attachments and meeting invitations, as well as integration with other email providers.
Rating- 4.7/5

6. Microsoft OneNote (Note taking app)

This app enables you to record and arrange thoughts in a variety of formats, including text, photos, audio, and drawings. In meetings or classes, you can easily take notes. Record, arrange, and exchange notes. Utilize your digital notebook to arrange your ideas and discoveries, and prepare for significant events in your life. You can take notes on your phone and sync them across all of your devices. An app best for IOS users.

7. Habitica (Habit-building app)

To stay inspired and organized, approach life as a game! With the help of vintage RPG components, the free habit-building and productivity tool Habitica will make your duties and objectives more enjoyable. Use it to support your ADHD, self-care, New Year’s resolutions, housework, job duties, artistic endeavors, exercise objectives, back-to-school routines, and other goals. In order to increase responsibility, you can also gain incentives, level up your character, and join communities.

8. InShot (Video editing app)

Edit your video with effects, music, text, and other elements. A powerful music video editor and photo editor with pro capabilities such as trimming and cutting video/movies, adding music, text, stickers and glitch effects, blurring the backdrop and no cropping! InShot allows you to edit and save lengthy films with no time constraints. Record your important daily moments with professional basic video editing capabilities. Create a music video for any significant occasion!

9. BlockSite (Productivity app)

You can now block your distractions with the use of BlockSite and increase your attention and productivity. Over 5 million individuals use the program and website blocker Blocksite globally. You can use BlockSite to temporarily block distracting websites and apps to improve your attention, productivity, and self-control. With personalized block lists, it temporarily eliminates your largest sources of distraction. To decide which hours of the day you want to be concentrated and which hours you want a break, start a focus session.
Rating- 4/5

10. Fit Bod (Workout app)

Get more muscular, reduce weight, or both! Fitbod’s cutting-edge training algorithm will direct you through the proper sets, repetitions, and weights whether you visit the gym or your living room to achieve your fitness objectives. A tailored strategy to test your limits: its sophisticated technology analyzes your prior workouts, analyzes your strength-training prowess, and adjusts to the equipment in your gym to create a program that is specifically tailored to you. No muscle is overlooked in your personalized training program. And you can also do in-app purchases to unlock more features.
Rating- 4.3/5

11. Google Keep (Note taking app)

One of the most popular and well-known apps, Google Keep is a basic note-taking software that allows you to write down ideas, make to-do lists, and set reminders. It’s small and syncs with your Google account, making it available on all of your devices. Simple features that are useful in a variety of ways, and it is completely free. It is one of the most popular apps for Android.
Ratings- 4.1/5

12. Todoist (Task management app)

Your to-do lists may be created and organized using this app. Setting due dates, tracking your progress, and prioritizing activities are all made easier. Because of its device and app integration, it is simple to maintain organization on several platforms. They provide services such as project management, shopping lists, task trackers, and even holiday planners for you. Free tools are available, and you can even “upgrade to pro” programs.
Rating- 4.5/5

13. Forest (Focusing app)

Keep scrolling nonstop? facing lack of restraint? To stay focused and increase productivity, try Forest, which features the cutest attention timer. Utilize the Pomodoro timer to stay motivated and focused on your task or goal. This software can assist you in focusing and avoiding interruptions. Encouraging you to resist the urge to use your phone, it plants virtual trees that grow as you stay on task. Your imaginary forest expands the more concentrated you are. There are numerous attention modes, personalized experiences, gamification, and even forest premium.
Rating- 4.6/5

14. Evernote (Note taking app)

Take notes, make to-do lists, and establish daily tasks with a notepad and planner. A multifunctional note-taking tool that enables you to write down and arrange thoughts, to-do lists, online content, photographs, and more. When inspiration hits, write it down. To manage life’s distractions and achieve more at work, home, and everywhere in between, bring your notes, to-dos, and calendar together. Syncs with all of your devices. Use Tasks to get things done, link your Google Calendar to keep on top of your calendar, and easily access your most important information.
Rating- 4.5/5

15. Trello (Project management app)

Projects? Workflows? Join forces! Teams can progress their work with Trello. A project management program that facilitates task organization and collaboration using boards, lists, and cards. You may make many boards for various projects, add due dates, checklists, and attachments, and assign team members to specific tasks. It’s fantastic software for increasing individual and group productivity. No more re-reading long email chains or searching on your phone for the spreadsheet link to update a project’s status. Sign up for Trello today.
Rating- 4.4/5


In a world where time is a precious commodity, harnessing technology to increase productivity has become critical. The 15 applications I talked about in this blog have proven to be game-changers for anyone looking to simplify their chores, be organized, and be more efficient. So, accept the power of technology, get the advantages of these apps, and realize your full potential.

By Sanaya Bhatporia
AURO University