It’s Diwali again. You will be flooded with forwarded messages, half of which are repetitive and commonly exchanged. You want to be positively different from others. Here’s a short list of 51 Diwali Greetings Up for Grabs — expressions that will put more zing into your greetings, strike the recipients’ chords, and touch their core. Select the most appropriate one considering the recipient, tweak it as you like, and use it.

  1. May the festival of lights remove all darkness from every nook and cranny of your house!
  2. May this Diwali shower prosperity upon you!
  3. May blessings keep knocking on your door this Diwali.
  4. May Diwali promote peace and prosperity!
  5. May this Diwali bring with it the fulfilment of your dreams.
  6. May the lights of Diwali guide your path to a bright future.
  7. Sweeter than sweet, better than best. All the best. Happy Diwali.
  8. May this Diwali light up your future.
  9. May those flickering lamps flick away your fears.
  10. May you and your family be blessed this Diwali and New Year.
  11. Get into the flow. Rejoice in revelries. Celebrate the moment. Happy Diwali.
  12. May this New Year shoot you like a rocket and land you on cloud nine.
  13. It’s time to brighten up, smarten up, and liven up.
  14. Unwrap happiness as you unwind this Diwali.
  15. May your fears and worries be zapped into oblivion this Dipawali.
  16. May the spirit and blessings of Dipawali descend upon you and your loved ones.
  17. Happy Dipawali from the bottom of my heart.
  18. Just as rising tides lift all boats, may this auspicious time lift your spirits and hopes.
  19. From me to you, Happy Diwali.
  20. May you grab every opportunity that you come across and make the most of it.
  21. May the divine light guide your path and help you to successfully complete every journey that you embark on.
  22. May you never miss your train, lose your temper, or quarrel with your loved ones.
  23. May your coming year be smoother than Cadbury silk.
  24. My wish for you is that the shares you buy go high on the stock markets.
  25. Our sincere wish for you is that you do not get missed calls or useless forwarded messages in the coming year.
  26. Dress for the occasion, let your hair down and unplug happiness.
  27. I hope success and happiness follow you irrespective of whether your path is familiar or untrodden.
  28. Celebrate this festival with great pomp and ceremony.
  29. Utilise the day, keep the darkness at bay, spread light, and let happiness stay.
  30. Light a diya here and there, happy Diwali to you all everywhere.
  31. Roll out the red carpet for your dreams, prosperity and popularity.
  32. Fling your arms wide, embrace life fully, happily and joyfully. It’s Diwali.
  33. Diwali is a time for long-awaited family reunions, shopping sprees, plus fun and frolic.
  34. Enjoy this Diwali with sombre rituals and vibrant celebrations, full of colours and light, and follow the conventional rules of celebration.
  35. Have happy thoughts and festive moods when houses all around are lit with earthen lamps and candles.
  36. Get rid of the rigmarole of everyday life and give yourself a chance to escape monotony. Be happy, stay happy and make everyone around you happy.
  37. Soak in a general air of festivity and abandon during this festival of light, hope, and prosperity.
  38. Let festivals and celebrations spice up your life to the hilt for the rest of the year.
  39. Join the hilarious crowd, jump the bandwagon, paint the town red, and celebrate this Diwali like there’s no tomorrow.
  40. Forget your worries, put aside your troubles, cast your cares and join in in the fun.
  41. Ring in the New Year with renewed hope and great gusto.
  42. The Almighty has a long list of blessings to shower upon you this festival. It’s just for you to ask.
  43. Create festive moods and spread it like wildfire. Make pleasure and merriment contagious.
  44. Let the glitter be brighter this season with your wit, wisdom and wow.
  45. The Almighty has flung the doors to happiness wide open…lay claim to yours.
  46. The wait is over. May your dreams come true this year and you wallow in joy, achievement, and merriment.
  47. I know you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank this year. It’s your turn to enjoy life to the full.
  48. Get caught up in celebrations this festive season. Throw caution to the wind, will you?
  49. May you thrive in abundance, fly higher than ever before, and make your life a continuous celebration.
  50. May fortune smile upon you and you get what you have aspired for.
  51. May you be completely enthralled in the festivities during this Dipawali.