Do you wanna study English from the comfort of your home? “Well, yes, but how?”, I hear you ask. It is free. There is no log-in requirements, no passwords, no fee, no email registration, nothing; just your desire to learn English. What’s more, it isn’t run-of-the-mill type material. No, not at all. It is unique. It is carefully prepared or chosen and presented. Log on to and click on “Free Material” and enter into a different world of English. You will have access to five types of material—Text, Picture, Audio, Video and Test.

Text: Reading enriches your language and life. In this section, you will find material on a variety of topics. It can kindle your imagination. It might change your mood too. For instance, when you are feeling low or down in the dumps, read some short stories, essays, poems, inspirational passages even prayers on this website and you will come out smiling, relieved of your blues.

Picture: When you buy a gadget or an item of clothing, you spend a lot of time deciding what colour combinations or shades will suit you. Well, words also have shades of meaning. Almost every word has multiple meanings depending on the context and the co-text. Check this out for close to 300 words taught via vocabulary nuggets containing pictures and example sentences. You might try one per day and increase your word power daily, substantially. Surprise your friends with this new found skill of using words aptly and correctly in different situations.

Audio: Listening is the key to success in language learning. We have a number of audio files to improve your pronunciation—sounds, word stress, rhythm and intonation. Imitate—listen and repeat as much as you can.

Video: There are many videos teaching various aspects of English such as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. They will make you feel you are sitting in a classroom or learning personally from an experienced teacher. Quite a few videos cover different nuances of English, too. And learning them will be fun and fruitful. By the way, some videos contain explanations in Hindi or Gujarati for beginner level learners; especially those dealing with fundamental areas of English such as tenses, modals and conditionals.

Test: The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. If you don’t honestly test your English, you will never know how much you know or what your level is. Our tests will help you do so. Moreover, our tests are not at all tedious; they are rather tantalizing, and will make you want to learn more. Go for them whole heartedly. Both results and feedback follow immediately and don’t leave you wondering how you fared in the test, for example a 50-mark MCQ test on grammar.

Blog: Now, this is the icing on the cake. Our blog articles help you develop deeper insights into a variety of topics related to language and life. You are bound to find something that interests you. They give you ideas to brood over or talk about. People will like to listen to your views and opinions and educated comments—be it language learning, personality development, success or happiness.

So what are you waiting for? Make it a daily habit to log on to and enrich your life from the comfort of your home.

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Happy Learning, Happy Sharing!

—Hasmukh Umaria and Dharmendra Sheth