Today I feel like writing about happiness. Why? Because I know I will be happy writing about it. Well, I know I can become happier day by day if I make at least one person happy by my deeds or words in a day. It’s so easy, isn’t it? But alas, most people do not understand such a simple fact of life. And, as you know, it’s so easy to find people around you who are unhappy: sometimes for a reason, but mostly for no reason–apparent or real. Perhaps they don’t know what happiness is. Let me share with you some secrets of happiness that have been known to people for centuries. I still call them secrets because most people, though they know, don’t believe in them. They cannot digest the fact that one can be happy in any situation, provided one is ready for it. If you are one of them, please read on. If you are not one of them, still read on so that you can help those who don’t know these secrets.
Well, first of all, accept whole-heartedly that happiness is an inner state of mind, little dependent on the outside world. It is not a thing to acquire, it is a state to be understood and enjoyed. Your happiness is a lock whose keys are with you. If you give the keys to others and if you are unhappy, it is your mistake–you cannot blame others or situations for it. Nobody can have your key to happiness unless you give it to them, knowingly or unknowingly.
Well, I know you are saying loud and clear ‘That’s easier said than done.’ But, believe me, there are some techniques by which you can always keep your state of mind happy–no matter what your condition is. One of the techniques is: ‘So what?’. Have you missed the bus? So what? Have you scored fewer marks than expected? So what? Have you not been selected for a job? So what? If you think deeply, none of these situations can make you unhappy if you decide so. As you know, for most such situations, there is an alternative. If you miss the bus or train, there is always the next one. If you lose money somewhere somehow, you can always work hard and earn it back. If you have peformed badly in any exam, you will not get admission to one branch or college, but that’s not the end of life. Your happiness doesn’t depend on whether you study a particular thing, or get a certain degree or job. If you wish, you can be happy with anything that you have and wherever you are. I am excluding here some extreme cases wherein people are extremely ill or poor and their primary needs are not met.
What makes me think that prosperity (or achievements) does not guarantee happiness? Well, it’s easy to understand. Just look around and you will find many people who keep whining and complaining just about anything and everything. They keep telling others ‘Education has gone to dogs’, ‘All polititians are corrupt’, ‘There’s nepotism in every office,’Government is not doing anything’, and so on. They cry more than a newly-born baby. They look for unhappiness and they succeed in it. Beware of them!
Well, on the other hand, there are some others who always try to find happiness in any condition and, believe me, they too succeed in it. They have found the key to the inexhaustible treasure of happiness.
Please look at part II of this post.
Best wishes,