In a world that often seems fast-paced and focused solely on material success, it is heartwarming to witness a community that values the significance of teachers and mentors. Recently, I, Dharmendra Sheth, had the privilege of attending a unique business meeting hosted by the “Lohana Business Community.” What made this gathering truly exceptional was the celebration of “Gurupurnima,” where teachers, or “Gurus,” were invited and honoured by their students within the business community. This experience left a lasting impression, as it exemplified the beautiful tradition of showing respect and gratitude to those who have shaped our lives.

The Lohana Business Community

The Lohanas, a dynamic and successful community, have long been associated with entrepreneurship and business acumen. However, what sets them apart is their commitment to upholding their cultural values and traditions even in their professional endeavours. This inclusive community fosters an environment of camaraderie, mutual support, and reverence for learning, which was evident in their recent business meeting.

Honouring the Gurus

As I walked into the meeting venue, I was moved by the sight of teachers and mentors being welcomed with utmost reverence. Each teacher was adorned with a traditional “tilak” on their forehead, symbolizing their wisdom and spiritual insight. Moreover, they were draped in a special scarf, signifying honour and respect, which was a thoughtful gesture by the Lohana community. By maintaining and embracing this tradition, the Lohana Business Community demonstrated their commitment to preserving the essence of their cultural heritage.

Gifts of Gratitude

One of the most touching aspects of the Gurupurnima celebration at the meeting was the exchange of gifts between the teachers and their respective students. Witnessing the heartfelt appreciation from the students to their Gurus was truly a sight to behold. It emphasized the reciprocal nature of learning, where both the teacher and the student gain from the relationship.

The Power of Mentorship in Business

In the fast-paced corporate world, the value of mentorship is sometimes overlooked. However, at the Lohana Business Community meeting, the importance of mentors in shaping successful entrepreneurs was evident. Rajesh Thakkar, who invited me to the event, had been a student of my student, Mr Priyang Bhatt, the owner of Overseas Consultant, Surat. This chain of mentorship highlighted how knowledge and expertise are continuously passed on, and it showcased the multiplier effect of mentorship on business growth.


Attending the “Lohana Business Community” meeting and experiencing their heartwarming Gurupurnima celebration left me with a profound sense of admiration for the community’s commitment to honouring their teachers and mentors. The blend of traditional values with modern entrepreneurial pursuits created a harmonious and inspiring environment. This event served as a powerful reminder of the importance of acknowledging those who have guided us on our journey, not only in our personal lives but also in our professional pursuits.

The Lohana Business Community’s unique approach to recognizing the role of Gurus in their success sets an exemplary standard for other business communities to follow. Let us all be reminded of the profound impact our mentors have on our lives and businesses and strive to express our gratitude, not just on special occasions but throughout our journey of growth and learning. After all, it is the teachers and mentors who light the path to success, and it is our responsibility to honour their wisdom and guidance with utmost respect and appreciation.

Happy Learning, Happy Sharing!

Best wishes all around,