Wednesday, 28 September 2022

It was a refreshing experience attending an exciting event yesterday evening “ITpreneurs 9X9” Season 5 Episode 1 (S5E1) organised by The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry at Samruddhi, Nanpura, Surat, under their flagship initiative “Entrepreneurship Lounge”. The programme’s objective was clear: to present success stories of ITpreneurs who have achieved exponential growth in the last 5 years. To my mind, the objective was fully accomplished.

The auditorium was jam-packed mostly with young budding stars, and the event was full of insights, information, and fun. Mr Sanjay Punjabi, a veteran mentor and leader, set the scene with his informal introductory interaction with the audience. The star speakers of the evening were successful IT entrepreneurs. They energetically shared their stories; what problems they faced, what strategies they devised, and what accolades they received.

?Star Guest Speakers

Mr. Alpesh Vaghasiya | Mr. Ganpat Dhameliya | Mr. Kalpesh Kotadiya | Ms. Komal Dholakiya | Ms. Mayuri Ruparel | Ms. Mukti Roy | Mr. Nachiket Patel | Mr. Punit Gajera | Mr. Sailesh Khawani

The programme was ably compered by Dr Rakesh Doshi, a senior IT entrepreneur, and competently moderated by Mr Chetan Patel, a popular trainer in Surat’s IT world. 

The post-session high tea (sponsored by Mahek IT Park) gave ample opportunities for networking for budding entrepreneurs.

Just a few points I was able to learn/glean and remember:

  1. A person who couldn’t read or write properly till std 7 is now running a successful IT company.
  2. Plan and vision are different.
  3. Backbenchers at school or college have also done amazingly well once they find a calling.
  4. Senior professionals/businessmen in IT are and have always been willing to help newcomers and each other. There’s no unhealthy competition.
  5. Various bodies such as SGCCI are taking an active role in the growth of this sector in Surat.
  6. Many Surat-based companies have already done remarkable work and business with national and international clients. For instance, National Stock Exchange has been using “Surati” software, I mean it was prepared in Surat. 😉
  7. One can’t ignore financial information–data, processing, analysis, etc.
  8. Relationship management is important in this industry. 
  9. Networking is crucial for success in the IT field. Contacts matter!
  10. When you need help, ASK. There are people out there willing to help.
  11. If language is a barrier, overcome it. Get trained and get your employees trained.
  12. More opportunities should be given to female entrepreneurs.
  13. Travelling is a great teacher.
  14. Reading, brooding, sharing — universal keys to success.
  15. Ups and downs are part of a journey. Don’t give up.
  16. Keep on learning. Adopt, adapt and act as per the need.

I am sure I have missed many points due to my poor memory. Apologies!

The speeches of the SGCCI office bearers Mr Himanshu Bodawala (President) and Mr Ramesh Vaghasia (Vice-president) were to the point and inspiring.

I look forward to attending more such events in Surat.

Best wishes,

Dr Dharmendra Sheth
Founder, Fluentlingua,

Pics of speakers at the IT event