Hi everyone,
Let’s pay compliments. Let’s find “good” things in people and tell them what you like about them. Let’s make today “better” for people around you or connected with you in some way. And please share your experience with me or anyone else you choose to.
Best wishes,
Founder, Fluentlingua,
Some expressions that you can use are given below. It’s a small set—you can add many more to this list when you are free.
1 You have a melodious voice.
2 I admire your skills.
3 I wish I knew how to work/write like you.
4 That’s a really cute outfit.
5 Your selection is amazing.
6 I wonder how easily you do this.
7 You have a pretty face.
8 I love to listen to you.
9 You look absolutely stunning in this dress.
10 What a spiffy suit you have worn!
11 You have an amazing sense of humour.
12 Not many can do as efficiently as you do.
13 You look great today.
14 You are a sight for sore eyes.
15 You have an enviable command of language.
16 You are a gifted artist.
17 You look charming.
18 I have a high regard for your commitment.
19 You look pretty with your hair down.
20 You are so cool.
21 You are the epitome of beauty.
22 You are endowed with all good qualities.
23 You ooze with confidence.
24 Your smile is contagious.
25 Not a hair ruffled, what calmness!
26 What an effervescent personality!
27 You are truly indefatigable.
28 You have nerves of steel.
29 We knew we could depend on you.
30 You are a storehouse of energy.
31 You make one swoon.
32 You are a fatherly/motherly figure.
33 We can always fall back on you.
34 You are so resourceful.
35 You’re so understanding and caring.
36 You are radiating health.
37 You have the gift of the gab.
38 You dance so gracefully.
39 You are a role model for many.
40 That dress becomes you.
41 That’s a most becoming dress.
42 You are the life and soul of the party.
43 You look smart in this blue dress.
44 You have a captivating smile.
45 You are the picture of health / innocence.
46 You are always dressed up to the nines.
47 That beauty spot enhances your elegance.
48 I admire your calm demeanour.
49 What an elegant woman you are!
50 You have a bewitching smile.
51 You steal the lime light.
52 You have an angelic smile / face.
53 You’ll turn heads today—you look gorgeous.