Hi everyone,

On a train from Mumbai to Surat, I was lucky to meet and play a game of chess with the national school level chess player (4th ranker) Senthanigh (spoken as Senthanil). Of course, he defeated me, but it was a great experience. Actually, he was going to Vapi to take part in a 15 day camp-cum-tournament. 

Here’s a picture showing that innocent and intelligent boy playing with someone who hasn’t played chess in the last three decades or more. 😉

He was fluent in his mother tongue Tamil and English. His teacher (escort) was from Delhi. She and I tried to teach him some Hindi words and learnt a few Tamil words in return. Time flies when you are in good company. His spoken English was good but with a heavy mother tongue influence.

PS. If you look at him and observe his behaviour, you can’t imagine, even in your wildest dreams, that he could be a chess player. That’s why we say. Never judge a book by its cover.

Happy learning… happy playing… and happy living!