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  1. Time and tense
    Solidify your knowledge of tense structures — 12 tenses. Each tense has a principal use and a few additional uses. If you study the tenses with time diagrams, it’s easy to master them. This video and some others on our channel will help you master the tense system. Do watch a few other related videos on our channel when you can. Some have explanations in Gujarati and Hindi
  2. Modals
    This video in Hindi explains the common uses of modal verbs. Learn how they are different from each other. Because, very often, many modals can be used for the same function, but the levels of formality or politeness may vary.
  3. Conditionals
    There are three major types of conditions in English. Master them with this video. You will find similar videos in the vernacular on our Fluentlingua website .
  4. Comparison
    You will often need to compare things, people and situations. The three common grammatical structures are Positive, Comparative and Superlative. Master them with this video. These structures are very useful if you are appearing for tests such as IELTS, TOEFL or PTE.
  5. Pronunciation
    You cannot ignore pronunciation while studying any language–English is no exception. Via this video, study the international phonetic alphabet (IPA) with symbols and sounds. Also see how each sound is different from its counterpart in Indian languages.
  6. Vocabulary
    Words play an important role in communication. It is advisable to make vocabulary study a life-long campaign. You can never do enough when it comes to word study.
  7. Learn English at Home
    After watching these videos, you might like to read, listen or test. Here’s a wealth of material for you to devour. Absolutely FREE.

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