Spoken English in Varachha
Hello everyone,
I am Ramesh Savalia. I have been teaching English for more than two decades in Varachha, Surat.
Let me tell you something about our area Varachha. It is in the eastern part of Surat. It is a multicultural area. About eighty per cent people here are from Saurashtra (or Kathiawad), a part of Gujarat located on the Arabian Sea coast. It covers about a third of Gujarat state.
In the 1960s, a few people migrated from Saurashtra to Surat. Initially they settled in Mahidapura and started work in the Diamond Industry. Later they ventured into the Textile Industry. Today, they are in different businesses and professions. Hailing from a farming background, hard work comes naturally to them; and hence, their progress is not surprising. They have established businesses both locally and internationally.
Let’s consider education now. Quite a few students in this area score well in examinations and go on to become doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, MBAs and academicians. However, most do not possess a good command of English. Even the general populace in Varachha lack English. Lack of proper environment for English is a major cause. English is like an alien language for many. However, the current young generation is crazy for English. They are exposed to English because of computers and mobile phones. They also want to be a part of global village, a result of modern technology and communication facilities. The Internet has opened up exciting vistas of global opportunities. Such aspiring youths want to learn English. Spoken English is the need of the hour here. They know that a good command of English gives the cutting edge to professionals and businessmen. Therefore, many try to learn Spoken English in Varachha. However, most fail in their attempt because of lack of proper guidance and support.
Fluentlingua, a Spoken English Institute has come to the rescue. It was founded by Dharmendra Sheth who holds a Phd in English. He is a renowned expert in English language teaching with more than two decades of experience as a teacher, teacher trainer and language consultant. Fluentlingua fills the long-felt need for quality English education with power-packed courses ranging from complete beginners to advanced learners of English. Fluentlingua courses are tried and tested and cater for people from all walks of life.
I am proud to be associated with Fluentlingua. We aim to provide quality teaching using authentic material and experienced staff in Varachha.
Learning with us is fun. Value for money is our motto.
Finally, please remember that English can make or mar your career. Grab this chance and join Fluentlingua without delay.