Dear all,

Your command of words and success go hand in hand. The more words you know the better you can express what you have in your mind, be it feelings or facts. For the past decade or so, I have been learning about 30 new words every day from my personal reading, listening and talking with friends who are better users of English than me. When I look back, I wonder how I expressed my views in the past without the words that I have learnt in the last decade. I was a fluent speaker then too. That means that at that time I used to ‘impose’ meanings on the words that I knew, and expected people to guess at the meaning on the basis of the contexts. I sincerely apologise to those who had to struggle to understand my English.

That doesn’t mean that now I have all the words and phrases that I need to express my views or describe what I see, smell, taste, touch, hear and feel. My vocabulary learning campaign is an ongoing process.

In the recent past I have developed a fancy for idiomatic expressions. I am on cloud nine, i.e., I am extremely happy when I learn a new idiom or when I am able to find the right idiom for the right situation. I may not always use that idiom unless I feel it will be appreciated. I don’t want people to struggle to understand what I say. Their life is difficult enough without my English 😉

More later. Thank you for reading this blog.

Best wishes,