Hi everyone,

Here’s just a quick note.

We live and learn. Of course, you will agree with me. Well, we usually don’t (actually can’t) learn everything of anything. For instance, I have been using MS Word for decades. But in the last two days, I have come to know about so many features and tricks of the trade that I hadn’t used earlier. The same is true of this platform Blogger. If you remember the appearance my blog yesterday, you can compare it with today’s. There’s a world of difference, you will say. And I agree with you.

By the way, I have created a few websites earlier using WordPress, so you can expect frequent additions to this blog as well. Though Blogger doesn’t seem to have as many add-ons (gadgets) as the WordPress (widgets) has. I will do my best to keep this blog as user-friendly as possible. This is just the beginning.

Happy reading!