Hello everyone,

Pronunciation matters! Yes.

English Pronuciation plays a vital role in one’s career. Your speech is your identity. English being a language of commerce, industry and education across the globe, it is imperative that you improve your pronunciation in English.

For non-native learners of English, it is important to adopt a model and then stick to it. This video is for those non-native learners or users of English who want to learn the phonemic transcription used in most dictionaries in the world, thereby improving the intelligibility of their speech.

Ideally, we should work on Sounds, Word Stress, Rhythm and Intonation. However, this video is only for the sounds of English.The following information may help you.

Standard British Pronunciation (called RP)

Total 44 Sounds
1) 24 Consonant Sounds
2) 20 Vowel Sounds (12 pure vowels + 8 diphthongs)

By the way, I am not a native speaker of English. So treat my pronunciations and suggestions as guidelines, not rules. My aim is to sensitise learners to this important aspect of speech.

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