1. A cyclist is reported to have run away from the scene after colliding with a train and derailing three coaches. The only witness was the guard who reported the incident to a local hospital.
  2. A fire broke out in a pond near Olpad yesterday evening. The fish flew into the trees, and took shelter over there. The fire-fighters have been trying their best to put out the fire in the water.
  3. A man went to a bank to deposit money. While checking, the cashier found that those were the notes stolen from the bank a day before.
  4. A student reportedly killed about six teachers and the principal of his school on being asked to participate in the annual function.
  5. A two-seater plane crashed over a graveyard in Punjab. The rescue and relief team has already dug out ten bodies, and the search continues for more.
  6. About 700 people in the audience were found dead asleep while watching a dance performance. The organiser and the performing artists are likely to be arrested.
  7. An act of kindness at a bus depot. In a jam-packed bus, a kind-hearted driver offered his own seat to an elderly passenger. There’s no news about who drove the bus.
  8. Following the signs of a strong Indian economy, the rate of exchange stands like this: 1 rupee is equal to 80 US dollars. Many Americans are looking for jobs in India. Before they get a visa, they will have to pass a test, TOHIL, Test of Hindi as an International Language.
  9. In a test match on Vankhede stadium between India and Pakistan, the opening batsmen Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Dhoni remaind not-out for all the five days of the game. Sachin made 790 runs, whereas Dhoni made ten centuries and scored 1016 runs. The match was declared draw, and all the players of Pakistani team are in hospital.
  10. In Choksi Bazaar area, a wife beat her husband when he asked her to make a cup of tea at midnight. The neighbours rescued the husband and admitted him to the civil hospital. The husband’s condition is improving. The wife plans to serve him bed tea in the morning.
  11. The education department organized a written test for teachers. Out of a thousand teachers, 600 failed, 300 were found copying and the rest remained absent.
  12. The government has imposed a new tax based on one’s weight. The fat club members are planning to go to the court of law and appeal against this law. The judge is reportedly a member of that club.
  13. The local Mosquito Union has declared an indefinite strike to demand immediate removal of mosquito repellents—coils and electronic ones. The authorities are likely to consider their demand sympathetically.
  14. The police report arresting a cat barking at a dog at midnight. The frightened dog is admitted to the ICCU after a massive heart attack.
  15. The students in their birthday suit: A local school authorities had to declare a holiday when the students came to school stark naked following their teachers’ instruction the previous day to come without uniform.
  16. The Surat Municiple Corporation received a complaint from one Kanu Labha of Venus Apartments, Pal saying that his neighbors release mice in his house at night. The SMC has provided him with a cat. His neighbours now release a dog and mice.
  17. Yesterday a man wasn’t allowed to board a flight at Surat airport since he was carrying a bank passbook in place of his passport.