How to overcome ‘writer’s block’.
Whether you are a novice or a seasoned writer, you will experience ‘writer’s block’. You can’t do away with it. However, there is good news. You can cheat that bug. Here are some tips.
First of all, remember that ‘writer’s block’ is a problem more of attitude than skill and knowledge. You will perhaps agree with me that our brain is the laziest organ in our body. It can justify anything–good or bad. If you tilt a little, it will drag you down in that direction. So block the thought of ‘writer’s block’ in the brain itself–nip it in the bud. Once that happens, there is no alternative but to write.
Secondly, don’t waste a lot of time thinking about the topic; just start writing. The theme will emerge and will become clearer in the course of time. Next time when you experience ‘writer’s block’, start writing about it. You may begin with the title ‘How to overcome writer’s block’.
Thirdly, write in simple, conversational style. Don’t try to show off your knowledge and send your writing as a challenge to the reader. Try to use simple words. It’s great if you have a good command of vocabulary, but spare it for your reading assignments. Simple writing helps you to overcome ‘writer’s block’ quickly.
Last but not least, write from the reader’s point of view. No writing is successful if readers don’t appreciate it.
So, fight off ‘writer’s block’ and start writing.
Bye for now.
Best wishes,