It seems we as humans will have to learn to live with Corona. The situation isn’t going to change for the better overnight. Shutting down businesses isn’t a solution. In fact, it will create another set of problems.

Imagine a shop or an office or a bank or an academic entity that is functioning smoothly. If one of the members is found Corona positive, authorities ask them to close down. That’s an illogical thing to do. That one person detected positive may stay indoors, but what about those others? They might have already been affected. They aren’t going to stay indoors all the time. Then what? And what about the disruption (and loss) it causes because of this closure.

One thing is for sure that everyone who comes in contact with the virus doesn’t fall ill. Because if that was the case, more than half the world would have perished. You and I go shopping, meet friends and relatives, travel locally and we are bound to have come in contact with someone who is corona positive. Not everyone of us has fallen ill. In fact, a medical professional told me that there are some tests to know whether you were infected by the virus and your body created some antibodies and you didn’t fall ill. You even don’t know that something like that happened. So immunity, I guess, plays a major role. And immunity has got a lot to do with positive mind-set and environment, healthy food and happy life. I am a layman but I will be happy if qualified professionals throw light on this matter.

And, by the way, children are the worst sufferers. Everyone knows that online education is not a solution. Apart from education, what about the psychological trauma that children go through. Most educationists know how difficult it is for children and adolescents to cope with this situation.

The best strategy to my mind is:
Take precautionary steps, educate the public, and prepare SOP for offices, shops, etc. And, of course, keep looking for easier, cheaper and effective cures and preventive measures.

I wanted to post it yesterday on “The International Day of Happiness”, but I thought my post would be lost in a myriad other posts.

Anyway, stay healthy and be happy.

Dharmendra Sheth
Fluentlingua, Surat