This blog is for me, and for you, if you like.
Everyone has an inner desire to express. A blog provides a platform for it. You can practise your art and skill of writing, and have fun in the process, too. So start blogging!
The best part of blogging is there is no need to get anyone’s approval, nobody to judge whether what you have written is good or bad. You just write following an impulse to write. Neither the topic nor the treatment matters. You just write what you like, conditions DO NOT apply.
Why do I write? Well, I write because I have to. I need to shake off the weight of the day, and dust my brain. I need to reassure myself that I have beaten the monotonous routine, and I am deadly alive.
The more I write the more I will perfect the techniques of writing. Till then, till creative juices start oozing out, you will have to bear with me!
Good bye.
Best wishes,